Solar barrier
SB900 is a solar powered barrier gate that can be installed without any civil work to lead the electrical cable to the barrier housing. SB900 can be installed where no other kind of automation systems are possible. SB900 has all the components required to achieve a stand-alone barrier ... Leggi
Road barrier
SB400_600 is a robust and easy-to-install road barrier suitable for bars whose length can be in the range 2.5 – 6.0 m without the need to substiture balancing springs. SB400_600 is available in 230V ac power supply or low voltage version (24 Vdc or 12 Vdc) – in ... Leggi
CAT200 is an easy-to-install chain barrier, to limit the access with a max 16 m long chain. Zinc-coated columns are externally accessible to guarantee a simple and confortable maintenance. Internally, the electronic control unit and back-up batteries can found suitable space. A wide accessory range is available to ... Leggi